When The Laughter Stopped: Celebrity Vampire Falls to Hate Crime

June 1, 2009

We are heartbroken to report that a much-loved member of our organization has fallen victim to the very hate he was trying to abolish. Bert Englethrope, a vampire actor whose career spanned generations, was viciously staked in a crowd following his stand-up performance at the Giggle Gallery in New York. Police apprehended the killer at the scene, describing him as “a deranged fan” and later reporting that a search of his apartment turned up a vast collection of anti-vampire propaganda.

Englethrope’s storied career began with the Ziegfeld Follies in 1927, and though he never appeared in the talkies, he made quite a name for himself in Las Vegas during the 1950s, performing with the likes of Liberace, Shecky Greene and others. Always known as “a comedian’s comedian,” he’ll be sorely missed not only by his peers in entertainment but also the entire vampire community.