It’s been a historic, extraordinary year since I first wrote you in this space. In rapid succession, vampires have announced themselves to human society, worked with our human counterparts to guide a secure integration and seen the passage of landmark legislation guaranteeing a basic set of rights for all sentient beings.

But for all of the glorious successes and the breathtaking developments, our work is not done. At the very moment that our brave human counterparts are risking all to protect our rights, there are those who work just as feverishly to promote intolerance and even violence toward those who are different from them.

As part of our effort to expose the agents of hate, the American Vampire League has relaunched and introduced a new feature, Intolerance Watch. History shows us we cannot take our progress for granted, and Intolerance Watch is intended to ensure that everyone is aware of the anti-integration efforts that still fester throughout the world — often promoted by those who claim to represent divine love. Our goal is knowledge: No one will ever be able to claim, “I didn’t know.”

Congratulations: You are a part of history. We may not win every battle. But as Rev. Martin Luther King, said: “The arc of the universe is long. But it bends toward justice.”


Nan Flanagan