What is the VRA?
The VRA is the Vampire Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would take effect two years after ratification. It has two simple provisions: 1. Equal rights under the law at the federal and state levels for vampires. 2. Granting Congress the right to enforce this.

In order for the VRA to pass, it needs to be sponsored by a Senator and Representative and introduced into Congress. Thirty-eight states are required for ratification. We are currently seeking sponsors in both the Senate and House.
What can I do to help with the VRA?
We are seeking sponsors in the Senate and House. We urge you to write your local Senator and Representative to request sponsorship of this bill.
Who works for the American Vampire League?
We are an inclusive organization of vampires and human volunteers, working around the clock to fight for civil liberties and equality for vampires.
Where can I meet vampires?
Chances are you already have. We are contributing members of your community. Check out our Meet Your Neighbors page to see what vampires are doing in your neighborhood.
What are your business hours?
We strive to be open 24 hours. From 5 am – 5pm our office is staffed by human volunteers. Vampires do their own lobbying from 5pm to 5am with the exception of summer hours, when we are closed from 5pm to 10pm.
What is Tru Blood?
Tru Blood is a synthetic nutrient for vampires that completely eliminates the need to seek sustenance from any living creature. Packaged as a consumer good at your local supermarket, Tru Blood is as safe and plentiful as fruit juice.
How can I help spread the word about all the great things the AVL is doing?
Become a friend of AVL on Facebook. By joining our social networking group, you’ll help us get the message out and show all of your friends that you are proud to support our cause.